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We are passionate web developers

Services we provide

We specialize in front end UI / UX and server side solutions — from application design to development and finally to deployment into the cloud.

Tools and technologies

HTML5 and CSS3

These are only tools to build visual UI. We always try to follow the latest specs and methods.

Single page application

To make UI as smooth as possible we process user actions without page reload.


We use web sockets for communication between client's browser and server.

Our footprint on the net

While working on large applications we have been creating tools which help us solve smaller problems. We often publish them on github.


Since 2009 we have been developing complex front end UI and server side solutions for our customers around the world

Our team includes engineers, markup coders and designers. We are professionals who love their job. Proud of being extremely attentive to all the details of a product we are working on. No matter if it is tiny network service or highload application with complex front end.

In the same time we develop with respect to deadlines. Plenty of tools help us manage the process and deliver by date.

We create full stack web and mobile products from design wireframes to deployment

Our services

So many tools to get job perfectly done by date!

How we apply them?

Front end UI / UX

Modern web applications are no longer a set of pages generated by web server. They are more often so called single page applications which means just one html page that downloads all the static assets for user browser and serves all the actions.

Single page application is very heavy on javascript. Modules imports, objects hierarchy and even MVC — this is all introduced in a considerable single page application.

Our team knows how to glue all these parts in a most efficient and explicit way. And we don't produce complicated solutions. We create complex front end solutions in the simplest way.

Server side solutions

Even though javascript in a browser plays the main role in a modern web application, server side is still important.

We no longer generate html on server. In most cases we use back end as a storage which reply with a json on requests from user browser. Also there are still many scheduled jobs and network tools and commands on servers.

Deployment into the cloud

Once we have application with front end and server side we then deploy it into the cloud, like AWS or Digital Ocean. We have a smooth process for doing regular deployments. And even if it fails we can quickly revert it.

But setting up cloud hosting itself is also a critical task if you have highly loaded web resource and want it to run without issues. We never forget it, we always know when to use balancer and where queues will solve bottle neck problem. Our applications are as stable as possible.

HTML5 and CSS3

Sometimes we even apply tools like myth which compile upcoming spec HTML5/CSS3 into current spec code. The reason is that we like to try all new stuff and in the same time deliver a stable product.

Single page applications and REST

Single page application is based only on javascript, lots of javascript if talk about mid or large web applications.

In creation of single page applications our weapon of choice is backbone.js, it is a great tool for creating frameworks. We also experiment with Polymer, which is based on web components (the next big thing!). We have achieved great results while trying to mix backbone.js for logic and Polymer for representation.

Javascript application needs a persistent storage of user data, shared across all user devices. So, we can't go without server side. Front end application communicates with the server side through traditional XMLHttpRequest. Authentication is provided by http session or in case of stateless communcation (REST API) by OAuth2 protocol.

Realtime communications

Realtime data is a critical condition for services like messaging or notification.

To keep web sockets functionality among all browsers we use tools like on the client. It checks browser features and uses either web sockets or one of possible fallbacks (like long polling) if the previous option is not available.

On Server side your typical web server is not suitable for web sockets protocol. That is why we use gevent-socketiopython library that implements it on top of gevent. By the way, we like gevent very much. It is quite a cool asynchronous network library. It shows great benchmarksand we use it in all of our web servers.

backbone-base javascript

Set of objects for creating medium and large scale web applications with backbone.js.

zepto-blur javascript css

zepto-blur is a zepto.js plugin aimed to add dynamic blur to your content based on scrollbar position

django-screenshot-assert-tutorial python javascript

Tutorial on automated Django CSS testing.

django-filterview python

Class based view on top of generic ListView with filtering the queryset by mapping URL params into filter() arguments.


Obviously we have made numerous websites. Most of them are under NDA and we can't tell you about them. But good news are couple of websites are not under NDA.

Post and share attractive short messages. Type a text and wrap it in a beautiful and attractive theme.

We have gathered the best .ru net designers in one place. Unfortunately is no longer maintained. It may contain some serious bugs / issues.

Local language school home page. Tiny home page with news feed, photo gallery and users feedback. Based on custom CMS.

We have made this website back in 2008. Customer didn't plan to evolve it, so there are no serious updates since that time. It is still running on Django 1.1 and is reliable enough to require no maintanance.

Python / javascript developer

We are looking for developers who are almost equally good in python and javascript. Our goal is to have a person who can create front end UI code and than connect it to our python backend.

You will work with modern tools and technologies, following best practices in front end and server side programming. As mentioned before — our main tools are backbone.js, Polymer and Django.


The role we assign to business analyst is helping designer get all the data he requires to create UI/UX satisfying most user needs and describing UI interaction in technical docs.

Candidate will be responsible for collecting data from customer, creating user flows, typical scenarios and rarely — mockups.

UI / UX designer

If you can stand up for all your UI/UX solutions, if effectivness and rationality always play main roles in your prototypes and you prefer to polish all small parts of user-UI interactivity then you are the designer we are looking for.

You are the main person in product development as your prototypes and interactivity scenarios will be implemented within application as is. So we bet much on you and your skills!

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