Who we are

Professionals who love their job and respect deadlines

We are engineers and designers. Professionals who love their job and respect deadlines. Proud of being attentive to all the details of a product we are working on. No matter if it is tiny tool or highload application with complex front end.

What we do

Reliable and simple to use software

We take serious cutting edge technologies and apply them in order to create reliable and simple to use software, from design prototypes to deployed server. We put much of our efforts on front end side. But even we think good UI is crucial we never forget about fast and stable backend solutions.

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Why you need us

We realize your project goals

You don't want to deal with all these new stuff, researching what is the best tech solution for your app? We know this! We realize your project goals and produce the app you need at the date you need.

Current stack

React and node.js

Excited about React and all the related stuff. We apply it everywhere on front end. Our backend solutions usually come with node.js.