December 10, 2019

Can a modern website design improve credibility?

Can a modern website design improve credibility?

Have you ever noticed how easily a professional, modern and beautiful design holds you on a website? On the other hand, do you remember how quickly you quit from a website with an ugly outdated design? Even if the information exposed by a website is helpful if its design does not attract or makes reading and navigating hard, 94% visitors will quit the website, according to research. The majority of your website visitors love beautiful things.

Everyone loves beautiful things

Whatever someone tries to sell to you he will try to present it in the most appealing way. Look at the car industry. Have you noticed how many decorative parts modern cars have? The most strong modern trend is to mimic race cars using things like fake exhaust outlets or duct vents. When it comes to luxury segment cars even the color of the painting matters. Literally every single small detail can have a key impact on a buyer’s decision.

Websites are not different in that sense. Instead of just throwing a piece of information to your visitors you need:

  • to present the information in a beautiful (better say stunning!) way in order to attract a visitor on irrational, subconscious level
  • to build plain and simple navigation in order to allow your visitors to find what they are looking for after you attracted them. This thing works at a rational level of perception.

Never forget that we all are irrational, and only exceptional things catch our eyes. If your website is ordinary poorly organized it will just be ignored by 94% of people who visit it.

Professional design can make your website faster

If you managed to find a good designer who has the same vision as yours and can transform it into modern professional design, chances are very high that design while being coded into HTML/CSS will also be performant and will contribute to page load performance. The thing is that proficient designers can create an appealing and functional design without too many videos and photos. This means that most parts of the website will be coded, not stored as images. The code is lightweight, and compared to images and videos will be downloaded much faster. This will be especially noticeable on mobile devices, which are ubiquitous among your website visitors.

Being just neat can be enough

It is not necessary to always create a vivid design that impresses and produces a wow-impact. Just neat and clear design without high-resolution photos, videos and animation can be more than enough!

This is especially true for the highly demanded websites overwhelmed with helpful information and useful data. It is enough for such websites to just provide clear navigation, nice readable typography (better relevant to the niche), and that’s it. If you have something that everyone needs then you already attracted your visitors, just don’t disappoint them and let them easily find what they came for. Don’t forget that someone will still leave if the website is annoying to work with.

Artem Rudenko
Artem Rudenko
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