Product Hunt is a sausage party


Sausage Party is a cartoon movie released in 2016. It is also a term that describes a party in which most attendees are guys, not girls. Every one of us had a sausage party experience. For anyone who has testicles and wants to promote them, it’s a total non-sense to visit a sausage party. Not to mention — a disappointment!

Excuse me, what?

I’m comparing Product Hunt to a sausage party. Actually not only the Product Hunt but other makers communities as well. Developers, designers, and marketers come and join makers communities to share their updates. They discuss current work, plans for product development. Also, failure and success stories are popular topics for discussions. But the bad thing about makers communities is that most of the users are there to promote their own stuff. They want to attract attention.

Thus, if your purpose is to promote your product then don’t join makers communities. Don’t follow the trend to launch there. You will find yourself in the middle of a sausage party. Many will discuss your product and leave a positive “feedback”. Don’t get it wrong — they just want to show up in as many conversations as possible.

Although I wouldn’t recommend makers communities in general, there is an exception that works well. If your product is a new shiny marketing tool then makers communities will work well for you. Newsletter SaaS, free landing pages, icons or illustrations — this is what all marketers need.

How to promote a product then?

Good question! I have no answer. Seriously, it is hard to explain it in a few words. There is definitely no silver bullet advice on how to market your product. Marketing is a huge list of big DOs, small but important DON’Ts, and constant reminders — be creative, try and research unusual ways. One thing that I know for sure. If your product is not a marketing tool promote it in niche communities, not on Product Hunt.

For example, let’s say your product is a real estate aggregator. It collects data that is usually hard to find using traditional approaches. To promote it, find real estate groups on Linked In and try to pitch someone in there. Start discussions, collect feedback and do follow up. Next, research relevant Reddit communities, try to start conversations there. Post something interesting about your product. But don’t be annoying, make it look natural. If your product solves a problem then it is already natural. Simply unveil the power of your product in a concise and very clear way. Be creative and avoid visiting sausage parties! Don’t forget that gaining attention can be a long journey that requires time and patience.

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