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Today we are happy to unveil an exciting project that we have been working on this past month! ProductSurch is a service that performs an aggregated search across multiple databases of makers communities (like ProductHunt). In the core of the service there is an algorithm that finds the most popular products among the databases, and more importantly, finds the only one product that is the best match for your request.

best match
We use smart algorithms to find the best products for you

At the moment of launch, ProductSurch is capable of aggregating search results from the databases of the following communities — ProductHunt, BetaPage, HackerNews, SteemHunt. We expect to grow this list up in the next couple of weeks. Our goal is not to just grab content from other databases to have it on our website (we preserve the links to the original posts from our search results page). Instead, we are aiming to provide the best search experience for those who are looking for a solution to their problems. ProductSurch is for you if you are struggling to find the right software product on Google.

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