For our customers we provide a broad range of services in the niche of web development and related fields. Our company is capable of delivering full-stack turn-key solutions, that include everything from the initial design and prototyping to the final deployment of a complete product.

UI / UX design and prototyping

UI / UX design, prototyping

All you need for the initial stage of a product (or a product feature) design and prototyping:

  • Prototyping and interactive prototyping
  • Usability research
  • UI / UX design.
Front-end development

Front end development

Starting from static websites to single page web applications and progressive web apps.

  • Single page web applications development
  • Progressive web applications
  • Browser extensions
  • Static website generators (perfect for performance and SEO).
Backend development

Back end development

Various APIs technologies, data processing infrastructures and network services.

  • REST API development
  • GraphQL API, including real-time communications
  • numerous 3rd parties API integration
  • Tasks queues
  • Database setup.


Setting up and managing, and monitoring of cloud hosting platforms.

  • Setup a cloud hosting (AWS / Google Cloud / Digital Ocean)
  • "Infrastructure As A Code" approach
  • Cluster management (Kubernetes / Docker Swarm / Rancher)
  • Monitoring (Grafana / Datadog).


You can rely on us in conducting research and assessing estimates for your project.

  • Conducting a market research
  • Technology stack for your web project
  • Budget and timeline estimates
  • HR assessments.
Technical documentation

Technical documentation

We can document every critical part of your project and ensure a smooth sharing of knowledge.

  • Initial specs and requirements
  • Informal description, with comparison to competitors
  • Beautiful and explicit and diagrams
  • Flow charts and UML.

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